What’s Hot in Online Marketing Trends in 2024

This year holds so many opportunities for inbound marketing. The industry is set for high growth and projections to look high this year.  We have already started noticing that companies are now increasing their online marketing budgets and there is a clear marked positive shift in the ratio of online: traditional marketing spends.

Online Marketing Trends in 2024

In the last year, we noticed an almost 60% to 70% upswing in content creation. Companies are now actively generating content ( blogs, videos, slideshows, webinars and more) and they see a lot of value in doing so.  Active inclusive blogging where single long posts contain descriptive content with text, infographics, slide-presentations and a video has become a hot favourite now.

Bulk link building saw a major downfall as major search engines like Google started to focus more on my relevant links. Email (mass) marketing also saw a downfall.

 What we are seeing today is an active growth in Social media marketing, creating the right buzz and getting it viral. Content creation around the social buzz has also seen a great upswing.

The greatest gaining trends, unsurprisingly are in favour of SEO, Content Strategy & Social.  And now we see everything going mobile. So your SEO, Content and Social much have a strong inclination towards mobile devices.

Best Online Marketing Trends in 2024 according to Online Marketing Activities


SEO Budgets are increasing and helping companies achieve greater organic visibility. Organic visibility in search engines is still the single largest way to get the biggest share of the authentic visitor pie.


Content, since years, has been the king. We see the content getting richer and more meaningful in the coming days. Gone are the days of silly content spinners and inaccurate scrapped content. Today, content is clearly neater, highly targeted and richer in terms of infographics and videos.


Facebook and LinkedIn continue to lead the social marketing scene for most users. Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram also are leading by leaps and bound. Google+, though a gainer, is still a little behind.


If your web presence is not responsive, you would be out of the visitor’s eve soon. With almost 65% of people looking for you on a smartphone or a tablet, a non-responsive website is a sure way to keep yourself down. Get upgraded to a responsive mobile and tablet friendly web presence this year, if you haven’t got it as yet!


Simply said – Local converts! Get yourself in the local search results with LOCAL SEO, and make sure you get the business you truly deserve, in your local area. The trust local businesses have is simply the purest form of human connect and we help you build your presence via Local Optimizations to bring you the business from your closest business environment.


Email marketing still one of the most cost-effective ways to get known in the online world. Most companies want to either maintain or increase their spends on email marketing this year. It continues to be one of the favourite tools for online marketers too.

A lot to do? Online Marketing Trends in 2024

Is this a lot to do? Well, yes indeed!

Choose what you really need to do this year, towards your online marketing targets. Each company, each brand has a different set of needs and therefore a separate online marketing strategy is required for each target.

We can help you with optimizing your online presence Online Marketing Trends in 2024! 

AceGenesis has been helping businesses of all sizes, since the year 2000, and has worked with thousands of small, medium and large brands, nationally and internationally. We are open and keen to provide you with highly personalized online marketing services, as per your requirements. We can help you boost your online presence utilising the Online Marketing Trends in 2021.

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