SEO Ideas for New Websites

How can your new website benefit from SEO

You have got your website up and running and now you need web traffic. Really good web traffic. You landed up here looking for SEO Ideas that can help you website gain natural organic traffic. For a new website, many a things can be done which can lay a foundation for a good long term and ethical SEO Strategy.

SEO has evolved over a last decade and you have the power to steer millions of searches to land on your website, even specific web pages in your website.All you need is a reliable and strong SEO Plan, and a consistent effort.

A successful SEO plan is usually divided in three parts.

  •  Initial setup for SEO, including the on-page website optimisation.
  • Regular content strategy, and updating of the website.
  • Ongoing relevant link building and content distribution strategy.

Let us discuss the above points in a little detail

This starts with SEO keyword research.

Keywords are very important. And they are usually defined by the audience you are addressing on your website. You can use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner to research the right set of keywords you would be working on.

Your keyword research should ideally include two sets of keywords.

  •  Specific keywords ( two to four word combinations )
  • Long Tail keywords ( longer meaningful queries with context)
  • Specific keywords are exact keywords that your audience would search and reach you, They may include product name, product category, location, benefit etc.

 Long tail keywords are mini statement kind quires that people usually search for.

Then, start with the On Page Optimisation 

On Page Optimisation includes making your webpages user friendly, and in turn – search engine friendly. Ensure that each page, has a proper relevant title, exact description, correct & unique descriptive content, well optimised images and well guided navigation system. There goes a lot of effort and time achieving that winning well optimised website.

Side by side, activate your analytics accounts & webmaster tools and implement them in your website. Set and submit your site-map. Ensure that robots.txt is well tuned to your SEO objective

Effective relevant link building strategy 

Research the sites which are popular and have a good readership in your field of work.  Distribute snippets of your content with back-links leading to relative pages in your website. Link building should not be a blind strategy. We have observed that most companies do not understand that submitting links to hundreds of sites will add no value to their seo rankings. Build a good strategy and follow it carefully. Unlike most people believe, link building is not a clerical work. Site research is a must and should be done separately for each page you need to link back to.

Regular Content Strategy 

Ensure that you maintain a section in your website where you can add relevant content, stories, articles and more. Interesting, new content at regular intervals not only keep your visitors interested in your website, but also provides search engines an opportunity to index your content and bring a volley of new visitors.


There is a lot more that goes in a good seo plan. But each day, each hour you spend on SEO for your website will pay you in real long term. Good seo for one or two years keeps brining visitors for many years to come.

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