Building Good Websites

Building Good Website Designs

Good website design needs a significant amount of planning. It is a combination of visual appeal and and relevant content, coupled with a good navigation systemusability features and accessibility.

good website designer should have the ability to design websites that provide information to the visitors in a properly organized way. We, at AceGenesis, make sure that your website designs should look and perform at its best.

Planing a website

While planning a website design, AceGenesis keeps in view how the visitor is going to feel about it. It has to be a right balance between what your website wants to project, and what the user wants to see. The right type of content and tone of your website can turn many visitors into potential customers.

AceGenesis understands the value of content and tone of a website design.

Website content is what provides the right kind of information in a website. The text, the pictures, audio and videos, animations and even speaking characters constitute of the content of modern day websites. The complete media gamut can appear in your website, deepening on your concept and budgets. The right combination and the way of presentation of content in your website makes your visitors think of you as an expert in your field.

The tone of a website is how the content is presented to the visitors of your website. Your website can be very business wise, formal in its appeal, or very informal, smart and friendly and open. It could be very exciting, or very streamlined in its approach. It could be a mix n match of the right tones. Usually, it is best that you choose to reflect your actual business tone in your website. AceGenesis studies your business tone that your company gives to its customers, and tried to bring out the same in your website.

Good Website Designs

We believe that good websites are not about cool graphics thrown in some code churning machine and bringing out some sort of minute which may look unique at the first look, but lacks the essential elements in the right proportions. Our web designers and developers work on proper guidelines set by us and based on WTC guidelines. We make sure that, based on the project and its scope of work, we bring in all the essential elements in the right proportions to build your websites. Then we hand-code it using the most popular technologies and serve it to the visitors worldwide.

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