Add Photos to your comments in Facebook

And take social media marketing benefits from this new feature!

 Starting today, June 20th 2013, you have yet a new exciting feature in Facebook. Now you can add a photo to a comment you are making on a post.  This will make the social media platform more visual in many ways.

 Soon, you would be able to see a camera icon in your comments area, and clicking on it will let you add a photo to the comment you are making on Facebook.  Though many locations are already displaying this features, it may take a few days to roll out these feature in some locations.

How does it impact my Facebook Marketing campaign?

You social media campaign that you are running on Facebook now has more possibilities now. With this new feature, your social-visual appeal is all set to rise.  With new options opening up, you can communicate with your clients in the Facebook community in a better way.

Here is a little example.

Assuming you are promoting your hotel on Facebook, posting exciting information everyday. And in one of the posts, one of the user asks, how do you rooms or lobby looks like? And voila.. You have the option to upload a picture there and then, instead of pasting a link that may break the communication stream.  You have more options to be successful in your Facebook Marketing efforts.

Another example

You can actually run a picture contest here, in a single post. Ask users to upload pictures and openly choose the winner, with users commenting in photos, by seeing which comment got more likes. Simple.

There can be actually many more creative ways to use this fabulous feature to boost your social media applicability in your marketing efforts.

I can safely predict that soon Facebook will start video commenting too. With video commenting coming in the comments, people will actually talk out there comments form their cameras and record comments. Think… of the endless possibilities.

In order to take full benefits of such new wonderful features, you may require some help.  The experts at AceGenesis are fully geared to come up with creative solutions for your social media marketing efforts.

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