HOW to get people read your posts, and comment on it.

Increasing interactivity on your posts

Easier said than done!

The truth is that if you are a new blogger (or a microblogger), chances are that people are not even reading your blog or posts, and those who are reading, may not be commenting as much as you thought they would.

Chances are, that they are not even aware of your blog, as it is getting lost in those zillions of websites coming up every month. Facts state that usually 1% of the readers comment on a blog post. And this is changeable with the kind of content you create, your writing style and your methods to promote your blog.

You, as a blogger may find it difficult to get people to read your blog. Commenting may still be even a more difficult step.

So, HOW do you get more eyeballs on your blog, and how you get the readers to comment on your content.  I have often come across this question, and today I would like to outline some basic (and some strategic) ways we can get readers and comments on our blogs.

Spark Interest by debatable content

Write about what readers are interested in discussing, not just reading. Each and every field, no matter how niche it is, has points of discussion and sometimes controversy too. Pick the topics that spark interest, and have different opinions about the topic you are writing on. Such posts give a chance for people to comment and put their opinion.
Don’t be afraid of constructive criticism also. This will only boost your blog’s popularity

 Ensure that the facts are correct

Ensure that if you have some facts mentioned in your blog, double check them before your post.  When readers find out that there are incorrect facts, you can lose your ‘authority figure’ as an expert in your field.

Make your content scan-able

About 10% to 25% people read your blog word to word, depending on your content. And an average person can understand about 60% of what he has read.  Making your blog that can be grasped in a glance helps to get people interested in reading what you write.  There are many ways you can do this.

Some of the simple ways are using heading, subheadings, lists, space and pictures.  Using bold and italics also helps a lot. Making your blog scan-able increases interest and makes people comfortable.

Ask Questions

If you want people to say something, ask them. Interactivity starts in your content. Make readers feel that they have an answer to your questions. Ask in a way when people can respond easily.  Asking is the best way to get response.

Invite people to comment

We usually get what we ask for, and we get nothing if we do not ask for it. Within the post itself, ask for people’s opinion. Show that you value their opinions and thoughts. Mention that adding their comments with spread their opinion too. Have clear instructions (in a very polite interactive way) on how people should comment and how their opinion matters to the community. Let people know how you are open to discussions about your posts and content.

Reply and interact to comments

Always reply to comments you get. Appreciate those people who have commented, and then go along and discuss what you want to say.  And involve the people who comment so that they reply.  Many a times, acknowledge those comments that have proved to be useful for the community and the blog.  Give them special mention in your posts too.

Comment in similar niche blogs and forums

Let your opinions be out on other blogs in your niche. Comment on other blogs and forums, and make it interesting. This increases interest in you and your content, and will bring relevant readership to your blog.  People who are reading your comments and replying to them, and the interactive kinds that you need on your blog.

Get Traffic & get readership

Promote your blog well. Update the information about your latest posts on several social websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. Also mention about your each post on bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit. You should keep your blog promoted on an ongoing basis through several methods available to you. Submit your RSS feeds to various sites.

I know this takes a lot of work, time and precise effort, but it is entirely worth it.  Be it SEO, Social Media, cross blogging, forum postings or article submissions to hundreds of those sites out there, each effort has its role in making your blog a popular one.

I am sure you would have got some good answers you had been looking for. And, as always, we, at AceGenesis, are open to questions. Ask Us 🙂

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