Secrets of a High Conversion Landing Page

Landing Pages that actually convert!

The crucial link between web traffic and conversions

Landing pages are crucial for the success of only online marketing campaign. Be it the traffic from a social media marketing campaign, a well planned PPC campaign, an email marketing session or even an SEO top ranking result, landing pages make the most important link between the web traffic you get, and its conversion into leads.

We ( at AceGenesis) usually go by the Rule of 5 for landing pages  that help us build the best landing pages for the online marketing campaigns that we execute for our clients.

Rule 1

Ask yourself – What is the unique selling point of a specific landing page?

Each landing page has a reason for the visitor’s to reach there. And this USP is what makes the visitor generate a lead for your business. Placing the USP correctly persuades user that his decision to visit this site is correct and he has reached the best place to get the products or services he requires.

Let your USP show clearly in the headline. Write a powerful and captivating  headlong that states the USP for that landing page, loud and clear. Make it short and try to match it closely to your Google Adwords Ad headline or Facebook Ads. The closer this match, the better the chances of conversion.

Add a sub-header to showcase your second USP. This sub-header should support the first USP and should tell the user how good your offer is, and how right he is, to be here.

Ensure that your USP lines are effective and powerful. Use A/B testing to check the effectiveness of the landing page headlines.

Some of the good examples of an effective USP heading line ( in context to this article) are

  • Increase your conversions by 75%
  • The #1 Landing Pages Guide
  • Get 50% more leads with Better Landing Pages

Rule 2

Ask Yourself – How do you choose or design the images or videos for your landing pages?

Images are seen, and registered first in the visitor’s mind, much before it starts interpreting the text. Use an appropriate image or video that helps the visitor relate. There are some easy methods to do this.

The best way is to select or design and image is to use smiling people that are using your product or services and seen relaxed, relived and happy.  Good images catch the eye faster, and the faster your visitor will notice a strong point of interest, the longer will he stay on the page. A good image (or a video) holds his interest quickly.

If you can afford, try to stay away from stock images. Or if you can’t, try to get unique images that the visitor’s to your page ( who have come there for a reason) can directly reate to.

Some good images that work well can be

  • Relaxed and smiling people
  • Solution driven and stress reliving depictions
  • Better lifestyle and success inspiring pictures

Rule 3

Clearly State Benefits 

To build a really effective landing page, include a list of benefits. These benefits should relate to (and expand) the USPs marked in the landing page headlines.  Give the visitor a good list of reasons, in bullet points preferably, for converting into a lead, and providing an enquiry.

Once you have managed to attract them with the image and a great USP headline, use this list fo benefits to make them stay on that page and read it. Typically, this list of benefits answers the inherent question that the consumer has ‘in his mind’. – “What’s in it, for me?”  Use the benefits section to answer that question well.

Some examples of a good ‘benefits list’ ( in context to this article) could be

  • Our services help you convert faster
  • Watch your lead generation grow with our landing pages
  • 15 years of experience speaks for itself
  • Better conversions with Better Landing Pages

Rule 4

Establish Trust

Trust often wants to something to hold on, for establishing itself. Five your visitors that trust by some simple methods.

Testimonials are one of most effective way to establish trust, when properly used. Never ever use fake testimonials. Your your social media platforms to back-up your testimonials.

Use awards and reviews effectively to strengthen the trust you have build using testimonials.

Rule 5

Do It Man! – The Call for Action 

Each landing page much be build with a specific purpose. Your specific goal must be well defined before your start designing your landing page.

Some of the examples of a Landing Page Goal could be

  • Generate a lead for a service ( or a product)
  • Make a Sale
  • Download a software, or an e-book
  • Sign-up for an event
  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Get a free quote

A well planned CTA (Call for Action) persuades your web traffic towards the goal of your landing page. A CTA is like taking a relationship further, that you just established with a URP, an Image and a Benefits List. It requires a little set of hints that you drop and sprinkle around the landing page. These hints could be in form of arrows towards the CTA area. or verbal clues, color contrats, well planned white-spaces etc.

Your personal pronouns when appropriate in the CTA like ‘Create my free account’, ’Send me a free quote’ or ‘Download my e-book’.

Summing Up

An effective and powerful landing page must have these 5 most important inclusions along with a powerful copy, to make your visitors convert to leads.

You are welcome to take the help of experts at AceGenesis for building your Landing Pages for your online marketing campaigns.

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