Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

At AceGenesis, Facebook marketing is an integrated part of all social campaigns we plan, strategize, design and execute.  Facebook is about making the world more connected and our marketing experts understand the intricacies to it.

We create rich social experiences on Facebook, and involve engagement with the user community and transforming them into lasting relationships between brands, businesses and consumers.  We believe that connecting with people is just the beginning of the online social journey, and with well researched best practices, we make your FB marketing campaigns a success.

How do we make Facebook marketing a success at AceGenesis?

We understand the Facebook ecosystem and have followed it since its inception. To start with, we build a powerful presence on Facebook, and establish the identity into the social graph, by mapping the connections with people. Real people that get around your social network build a strong foundation for your brand. Your physical locations ( if applicable) get attached to places and build network points, broadcasting information to the ever growing network.

We understand and use the Facebook social plugins and enable your network to extensively use them.  If required, we use the Facebook APIs to build social apps and turn them into social experiences.

We actively engage your FB users community by helping you gain fans using campaigns and FB Like ads. We also publish engaging content and involving people in conversations allowing you to get in deeper relationships with your clients and get insights that are valuable for your business.

Positive engagement leads to action from users and this populates your newsfeed, creating the most important part of promotions, the word of mouth publicity.

This is just the beginning. Once you walk with us, you will see how easily we create your Facebook marketing campaign a success.

Want to know more? ..  Let us know your questions below.

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