How to migrate to a new domain name keeping SEO rankings intact?

 Moving from a domain to another, for an established site, and keeping your search results intact!

There may be situations that call for a domain change for your already established website. One of the main purposes we have discovered is re-branding. There could be many reasons. But then, when you have already gained good positions in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, it is a frightening thought to lose all the rankings.

Are you scared? 

Guess you are! And you are thinking of finding the exact steps to make this brave move.

Help is available!  Here is an exact list of steps that you need to take in older to move domains and tell Google ( and other search engines about it.

The process uses 301 redirect ( permanent redirect system) and a series of steps.

 Steps of site migration to a new domain

  1. Ensure that you DO NOT change any of these during the shift process
    1. Development Platform
    2. Site Design ( not even logo – do it after the shift)
    3. URL Structure
    4. Text and Image content
    5. Web Hosting Server (Prefer to use SAME server)
  2. Make a fresh XML sitemap of the current (OLD) website
  3. Make a full backup ( files, databases & hosting-panel based redirects, if any )
  4. Setup all data on the new site
  5. Setup the NEW domain with webmaster tools. Both domain should be VERIFIED
  6. Setup a 404 page for old website with a note and a link to new site.
  7. Setup 301 Redirect on (keep the exact same URL structure)
  8. Test Redirects (pick multiple random links to test
  9. Submit the OLD site XML site map to Google via Webmaster Tools
  10. . Indicate to Google about Change of Address 
    1. On the Webmaster Tools Home page, click the site you want to shift.
    2. Click the gear icon , and then click Change of Address.
    3. After completing above, click Select a verified site to select the new site.
  11. Create xml sitemap for New Domain and submit to
    1. Google
    2. Yahoo
    3. Bing
  12. Change LOGO (If required) to new one. (Simply replace the file with a filename of same-name for now.)
  13. Watch the Diagnostics Section in the Webmaster Tools for errors and fix them
  14. Keep your old domain with 301 Redirects
  15. Enjoy 🙂 

Other Important Things

  • Prepare a Press release
  • Start Building High Quality Backlinks
  • Frame a policy for Facebook (and other social platforms)shift.
  • Create additional social noise

And if you require professional help doing the same, you can always contact your trusted web consultancy – AceGenesis. Always happy to help. 

Let us know how we can help you today!

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