Top questions to ask before hiring a SEO consultancy

Google releases almost 400+ small and big algorithm updates every year and search engine results for  the keyword of your choice are always fluctuating. Many a times you would have seen that they change on a day-to-day basis.  With search results contributing almost 80% (or more) of traffic on your website, you need to be well prepared with the questions that you need to know before you assign the SEO work to a suitable agency.

 It is very important that you and your SEO company are in sync with the best practices that match the algorithm changes. This list will help you choose the most efficient digital marketing agency for your company.

Here is a list of Top SEO Questions you may ask before assigning a contract for SEO.

Does the seo vendor have experience in this field?
Experience counts a lot in this field. Fresh freelancers may give a small boost with quick tricks, but it takes real experience to maintain a stable search rank position range on search engines. Prefer a company which has been stable for years.

AceGenesis started its operations in the millennium year 2000, and has served thousands of organisations with internet marketing and web development solutions. That is almost a decade and a half of rock solid experience in the domain of digital marketing.

Does the digital marketing agency create highly engaging content?
Content is still the king for digital marketing. Content in all its forms, like well written text. info-graphics, slideshows, videos and presentations can to the success of your online marketing campaign. Check if you agency are the required intelligence, passion and resources to create relevant and engaging content.

AceGenesis has an in-house content team that produces amazing content, which is also highly relevant to the subject, and is also in tune with the times. You can depend on the digital content creators at AceGenesis to support your online marketing campaigns.

Does your agency focus on keyword centric approach or content centric approach?
Google, with its Panda update and Hummingbird update, has already shifted its focus from keyword stuffed sites to rich content sites. Long tail keywords and rich content pages have become the new focus.

AceGenesis has been a follower of content-rich approach since almost a decade. Your website with a good quality CMS can always be up-to-date with new engaging content. We understand that keywords are simply representations and one of the metric for SEO results. Quality content and fine tuned long-tail key phrases go a much longer way in increasing relevant traffic to the website.

Does your digital marketing agency have all the important components (Development, SEO, SMO, PPC & Content Development) of your online marketing campaign as in-house facilities?
It is highly important to have an integrated online marketing campaign, managed older a single coordinator. All the teams have to work in unison to get an enhanced result.

AceGenesis has a highly structured setup and well coordinated in-house teams for Web development, Graphics Development, SEO, Social Media Optimization, Email Marketing, PPC campaigns and content development. A big happy family 🙂

If you wish to know more, our experts can call you and help you decide the right online marketing package for your website. You success starts today!

Let us know how we can help you today!

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