Why solely relying on Google Advertising or SEO for visitors is unhealthy!

Does your website traffic, and leads solely depends on ranking and advertising on Google? 

Since more than a decade now, we have seen how Google has become one of the sole sources of traffic to websites. It has undoubtedly been a boon for billions of companies, firms and individuals from nowhere to become successful entrepreneurs and play on a levelled fields with the biggies.

 But what happens when Google decides to change? Last two years have seen Google coming up with updates and upgrades (mainly Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird), that has left many of us caught on the wrong foot. Rankings toppled overnight and fortunes fell flat on the ground.

 Google, undoubtedly is one of the best jump boards to launch yourself in the business world, but you cannot keep sticking to it all the time. It is like keeping all the eggs in a single basket.

 What to do, instead?

 Simple regular practices keep your website flowing with visitor. Some of the time tested techniques are listed here.

 Fresh unique and relevant content. Keep your website updated with new fresh and relevant content. Build a section where people can get updates information about your products, services and your organisation. This approach helps in more than one ways. It keeps Google spider happy and keeps indexing and ranking your site for better. On the other hand, it keeps you visitors looking for new ideas, and they understand your authority over the subject.

Introduce a periodic newsletter. Once you start publishing fresh content every now and then, start a subscription based newsletter and send the snippets of your latest articles. remember, never ever spam your follower. Spamming is a marketers sin. It kills the follower-ship. Simply service quality content at periodic intervals and make them look forward to your articles.

Get amazingly social: Ensure that you have continue sly updated social profiles and your new content updates keep flowing on the top. Post regular updates, thank and reply to comments and involve people in discussions.

Focus of Bing and Yahoo: The traffic from these may be smaller than Google, but it equally important. Focus on SEO for Bing and Yahoo, not just google and grab the top spots. It may be easier than you think.

Answer people’s questions: Use sites like Yahoo Answers and a few others to answer people’s queries. Avoid being spammy or pushy. Just be gentle and use your knowledge to gain confidence.

These points, and a lot of more like them, ensure a good amount of web traffic, even when Google hits your website below the belt. These all collectively form important parts of a comprehensive Internet Marketing Plan

 You can also hire us, to do these things, on an ongoing basis. AceGenesis has an expert team of content writers and SEO experts in its labs in New Delhi.

Let us know how we can help you boost your web traffic, and seo rankings.

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