Top Web Design Trends of 2024

Web Design now is far more intuitive and responsive than ever before.  This year, things have moved ahead in intelligent UI systems. This list may not be exhaustive, but shall guide you about the trends in web design that we will see in this year. More articles on the same topic shall follow soon.

  1. The Top Web Design trend that will be seen everywhere in the new websites is the responsiveness of a website. Most new we sites now shall be mobile, iPads and tablets compatible. The UI shall have many elements ( not just the menu and width ) that shall re-align as per the deceive that the website is opened on.  The trend for developing separate mobile websites is almost over now as 100% responsive sites take over in a big way.
  2. Flat User Interface is on the rise. Skeuomorphism is an outgoing trend after apple abandoned it. We see a major increase in flat hi-res designs with clean thin fonts
  3. Scrolling is increasing. Since last two years, we have seen an increase in the scrolling again. Ajax or Jquery based  scrolls with huge content are in as of now.
  4. HTML 5 finally takes over the web, almost fully. Apart form the websites from the old-era, most new websites now use HTML 5.
  5. Minimal text ( as required) , mor eimages and more videos are in.
  6. Simplistic Navigation in begin seen everywhere. Most new sites have a better, simpler and easy navigation system now.
  7. CSS is taking over the con sets and small images.
  8. Video backgrounds, motion backgrounds, is coming up. We will see more evolvement in this in coming years.
  9. Dynamic fonts, varied typography is in now. Using server based fonts is high on the web design trend this year
  10. Richer content, and perfect combination of text, images and video is begin used now.

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