SEO for Long Tail Keywords

Optimizing you web pages for long tail keywords

The long tail keywords are essential for the success of your online success. For any modern SEO campaign, it is very important to understand how long tail keywords function, how to research them, and how to optimize your website to get maximum benefit out of them. With long tail keywords, you can positively benefit your audience by giving them exact match of what they are looking for. You also get benefited by improved visibility on search engines, and improve conversions.

 But, what exactly is a long tail keyword?

 When people search, they often search in phrases, rather than just words. Most people are now looking for something specific, so they use more words in the phrase, instead of a single oF a double keyword. This long phrased search gives them most appropriate result and often, simple keyword targeted websites miss the top rankings.

 For example, a traveller may look for ‘good hotel in Gurgaon with early check-in’ instead of just ‘hotels in  gurgaon’. Most people now club their preferences in the search terms, and this makes long tail keywords much more important.  He may even look for – Hotels with early check-in Gurgaon’ . So if a hotel is optimising its web pages for ‘hotels in gurgaon’, it might not appear in the top positions, or even first few pages.

 A long tail keyword is a specific phrase to which your website shall have an answer . And when you have this answer, you have a strong chance attract the right kind of audience.

Long tail keywords usually have low search volumes, so your site may rank well faster. There may be less competition for such keywords. But if really tune up your content for many such phrases, you are likely to see a major boost in relevant traffic.

AceGenesis helps you find you the right set of long tail keywords, and then further helps you to optimize your website to get better SEO results.

Would you like to get your website optimised for long tail keywords?

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