Social Media driving e-commerce

Social eCommerce on a boost

Social media is all around us now. The users are online 24X7 to the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and the online social groups are using this opportunity to boost the online sales of products and services.

The domestic market for ecommerce has already touched Rs 50,000 Crore amount by 2011 -2012. The sky is the limit for this new social marketplace.

The social media users in India are around 50 million at this time and are expected to zoom up and multiply fast.  The availability of social media platforms on mobile phones has also helped a lot in this growth story.

Social e-commerce is a natural evolution and is taken up by these users as the initial inhibitions are already taken care of, by the social platforms. People have come to trust the online systems to an extent. On the other hand, innovative ways to social media marketing develop interest and curiosity factor.  Payment enablers and popular cash on delivery methods have made their credibility felt in the eyes of users. So when we have a trust, feasibility, innovation and credibility coming together, the users get comfortable to buy online. With most companies trying to promote a initial period ( say 30 days or so ) exchange or return policies, it becomes easier to get people buy things online. It has been seen that once a satisfied buyer will tend to buy online more and more. This makes social commerce gain further acceptance and popularity.

Social commerce is also driven by building campaigns that show what the users peers are liking or buying, on any ecommerce website.  Social media marketing campaigns tend to get smarter as they gather and use more information about customers from platforms like Facebook and Google+ and suggest products accordingly. This is a part of contextual campaigning.  Also, showing what peers and friends are using or buying adds to the experience.

 Social media marketing for ecommerce is a niche segment.  Its not just about posting product photos or writing nice stuff on status.. It is much more than this.

Any social media campaign must have a proper user centric strategy to it.  Social media commerce is all about engaging users and building trust based relationship, and using innovative ideas to  market products and services.

 AceGenesis helps you do exactly the same.

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