Understanding Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing refers to the methods used for acquiring customers by attracting them using excellent content and customer service. It is different that usual means of outbound marketing.

How does inbound marketing work?

Inbound Marketing Delhi, IndiaInbound marketing is magnetic marketing system that focuses on attracting customers rather than pushing them to buy your products or services. Inbound marketing focuses on valuable content, social excellence, and efficient product attraction rather forcing them by spam mails, dozen of sms and tele-calls, or similar methods. Simply said, it is about making your message so attractive that the customer comes to you rather than you pushing the customer to come to you.

A typical inbound marketing plan consists of four main steps.

  1. Attract Traffic and be Discovered.
    • This step consists of building useful and meaningful content, optimize your webpages (individually) for search engines like Google & Bing, manage and maintain your social media presence on social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and attract quality visitors to your website.
  2. Convert into leads > Lead to sales
    • Generate leads, track and pre-analyze them, qualify them and pass them to the sales team to take action.
  3. Nurture relationships
    • Turn one-time customers into a repeat buyers. Make your new customers (and leads) a part of your social message networks.
  4. Analyze results and generate feedback for step 1, to get discovered in a better, smarter way.
    • Periodically, analyze the efforts, and take smarter decisions, and use this knowledge to generate smarter content and be discovered on search engines and social media.

Inbound marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing methods, and the cost per lead from inbound marketing is much less than those generated by usual outbound marketing methods.

There is a great chance that you are using some of the inbound marketing methods as a part of your marketing campaign already. But unless you have a complete strategy for inbound marketing, you may not be getting full value of your efforts.

It is time to take a giant leap towards a well-planned inbound marketing program.

Take the step. Let us know how we can help you.

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