Facebook Graph Search & its impact on internet marketing

How Facebook’s new feature ‘Graph Search’ will impact online marketing!

Facebook Graph Search is the new search engine embedded in Facebook itself. It let you search people, photos, things, interests and almost anything that interests you, which is present in the Facebook databases. The FB new search is very different from the Google search. It puts your search in context to your online social life.

Till now, we have seen Google as a search based platform and Facebook as an interest based platform. Now we will start seeing Facebook as an interest based search platform too.  We see the Facebook has managed to combine the forces of the two and we will see how it will impact businesses with their online marketing endeavors.

There are three main areas where Facebook search is going to play an important role.

  1. Searching for a business, a product or service.
  2. Searching for content
  3. Searching for connections

How will this new feature impact your social marketing?

We see that Facebook Graph Search may be a single major change in this year that will impact the online marketing scenario.  Let me explain how.

  • Search Socially
    People will search directly on Facebook for the products and services, and will also get references from people in their social network who are using these products/ services.  So the Facebook pages and content will need to be optimized in a much better way.
  •  LIKE will get more important again
    The LIKES will become more relevant now as they will mark the social graph. It will make businesses become more visible in groups they are being used (or LIKEd).
  • BING becomes much more important.
    Facebook will use Bing for searches that are not available in Facebook. This means your SEO for Bing will become much more important.

Moreover, we also see two important points that will definitely mark the new strategies for online marketing.

  • Content has always been very important in online marketing and on Facebook too, it will become crucial. Carefully written content will help you gain social attention.
  • The social visibility will become much more important as people will now tend to start searching for your services and products on Facebook itself.

Are you concerned how your business will get affected with this new change?
Would you like to know more how you can optimise your social search?

AceGenesis can surely help.
Ask us (in the following form) how your business can make the maximum our of this new feature!


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