3 Most Important Factors for SEO of a new site, as per Google

Most Important Factors for SEO

Every SEO Expert knows and agrees that incoming links form an important factor in optimizing a site as per Google algorithm.  Good natural links can get your website in top positions.

As per Google’s Matt Cutts, ( as discussed in Google Webmasters Help Forums),  three main reasons why a new site is not indexed well are

  1. Very few natural incoming links
  2. The website is hosted on a server that is overloaded, and is slow to respond to GoogleBot requests
  3. Setting a lower crawl priority

So what are the leanings we have from here?

  1. Get more natural incoming links. Natural incoming links increase the value of your website in the eyes of the algorithm. Do not do blind link building. It will not help. And links posted wrongly can actually harm your website position on Google.
  2. 2.    Get a webhost that is not fairly heavily loaded.  With webhosting costs reducing, one tends to go for cheaper web hosting packages and therefore sometimes fails to attend to GoogleBot’s requests. This leads to a fall in proper indexing at Google.
  3. 3.    Set of High Crawl Priority. For new websites, it is always better to set a higher crawl priority and update the website with new fresh content so that GoogleBot is able to visit the website frequently and get the fresh content indexed.

I am sure these points would be helpful and all SEO experts must eb working with these points in mind. And now that Google’s Matt Cutts have spoken about them himself, they add to the confirmed list of  SEO practices, no longer debated.

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