SEO: Uncomfortable Truths

SEO: The myths and the truths

With the rise of web and the utter growing confusing mess of results in search engines, SEO has started looking like a necessary evil to most companies. There is a smog of half-truth ancient concepts of SEO.  There is a lack of clarity in most business owners, as to what to expect from a search engine optimization effort.

Let us try to clear some air, and try to see what exactly SEO is and how will it benefit website owners.

The half-baked SEO Perception

SEO, as perceived often, is NOT the secret formula that will magically shoot your website on number one position in your preferred search engine.  It is not about the concepts like building manipulative pages and tricky keyword settings in your website, or to brings thoughts of irrelevant links to your website. None of these practices, thought often worshipped, is SEO, as we see it today.

So, What exactly is SEO?

SEO is the strategic practice applied to web content, in order to be found in an easier and relevant way. It looks into issues that designers and developers often overlook. SEO looks at the technical obstacles that may be keeping search engines crawling and indexing of great content on a website. SEO helps search engines find and classify and value your website content. It is more of a strategic planning and implementation practice that helps a website to gain more visibility and traffic with the intended audience.

What should be the role of an SEO Consultant?

An SEO Consultant should be your close counselor whose expertise and knowledge helps you make your website content reach the right audience. He helps building strategies, that enable more relevant visitors to be able to view the website content.  He also builds the content strategy and can assist in getting the right kind of content developed for your website.

He serves as an expert, who understands your business objectives, defines the target audience, finds the technical glitches that are keeping the web content away from audience, and builds a strategy and provides a solution for these technical glitches. He facilitates outreach, measures and analyzes data,  and provides strategic direction to the SEO Effort.


A major portion of an SEO work is strategy building, education, brining direction in order to make the website content reach its targeted audience. The idea is to promote great content and build a strategy that get connects the content to the audience.  The prime concern should be getting maximum relevant audience for the website, and be able to build a strategy that converts it into revenue.


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