Social Media for Hotels

Social Media for Hotels

 Social media is becoming an indispensable tool for the hotels, in order to socially interact with their existing and potential customers.  How a hotel interacts with its guest community in the social space can affect its marketability. Most hotels today are taking the advantage of the online social medium to enhance and support their marketing initiatives.  Social media marketing is one of the foremost essentials of  internet marketing efforts, second only to search engine optimization.

Almost all prominent hotels today have their presence on social hubs like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and YouTube.  It is impossible to ignore the social media and its importance in marketing and building post sales relationships with your customers in a casual friendly manner.  Being available socially gives a chance to your existing clientele to share experiences in form of text, photos, videos, on populist social sites, and also review your hotel on popular review sites like Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet.  This further gives a chance to potential clientele in their circles to view their reviews and experiences.  If the hotelier is an active participant in these discussions happening online, he can build great relationships with people and help the business grow exponentially.

What do Hotels need to do, in social media?

Though there is no strictly laid out rules, our social media experts from hospitality industry have come up with some suggestions that have helped them immensely.

Some of these suggestions are:

  • Update your social presence at least once or twice everyday,
  • Use pictures combined with text content.
  • Keep all your social mediums in sync.
  • Read what people say about you, and respond online. This builds trust.
  • Share interesting stories about your hotel, location, culture and festivals.
  • Encourage guests to share their happy moments online.

How can AceGenesis and Wanderlust help your hotel?

Social media marketing is so important for hotels that it cannot be ignored.
The competition has geared up and the hospitality industry has a ready swarm of users that can take your marketing campaign way ahead.

AceGenesis has a vast experience working with hotels, resorts, and destinations for their search and social media marketing campaigns. Our hospitality social marketing experts plan, create, execute and maintain your hotel’s social media strategy. Our clients in the hospitality industry vouch for our work done for them for years together.

We have a dedicated brand (Wanderlust DM) and a team of experts that work only with the travel and hospitality industry.  We can build a social media strategy and execute it for almost any hotel, and for most budgets.  Our campaigns are designed to bring the maximum ROI.

Would you like to hear from one of our social-media marketing experts?

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