Web Design India

Web Design India

AceGenesis Technologies can help your company design and develop a new web site or redesign an existing web site to suit your present and future needs.

Our Process for Web Design and Development

Based in New Delhi, India since 1998, we can bring your web site design up to the next level. We work with small businesses and large corporate organizations in worldwide to improve their web site design and functionality, establish branding guidelines, and launch their online initiatives. .

The creative web design team at our web studios blends inspiration, design skill and marketing expertise to create web and identity designs, which perfectly reflect your company image .

How Do We Build A Successful Web site?

A success web site must follow the steps to a well defined web solution.

What is a well defined web Solution?

A ‘Web Solution’ is a customized web site that can include:

  • Interface design : what the site navigation looks like and how it functions.
  • Site architecture : how all of the content of the site is organized and named.
  • Applications : components within the web site that allow for a certain activity to be performed, such as ecommerce.
  • Plug-Ins : activate added functionality in a browser such as Flash or streaming video.

The AceGenesis Web Solutions Process

First, an AceGenesis representative will meet with you to discuss the history, current status and goals of the company, in general, review and analyze the existing web site, its design, layout & present SE rankings, and print materials, discuss the goals of the current project.

We then submit a proposal and the client reviews it. We revise the proposal for the final web design and development project , according to the client’s comments and resubmits it.

Once the client approves AceGenesis Technologies for the web design project, an agreement is signed off by both parties and the first payment of the project is delivered.

AceGenesis Technologies begins the web design project by requesting all content for the project from the client, in digital format.

In conjunction with the client, AceGenesis Technologies will define the web site architecture, which is reviewed by the client, until it is finally approved.

Our design team then presents the client one visual preview of the homepage, through a URL viewable through a web browser.

We then refine the web site preview layout based on the number of versions/revisions included in the proposal.

With the homepage approved, the design of the main template begins.

Once the client approves the design of all pages, the HTML coding begins and is refined based on the number of versions/revisions included in the proposal.

When HTML coding is completed, development work is started. Depending on the type of development work required, it can start earlier in the process.

After the development work is completed and integrated, AceGenesis Technologies will conduct quality assurance (QA) to make sure that the site functions in all anticipated situations.

Once all “bugs” are eliminated, the client will approve the web site’s functionality on a test server.

After the client approves the site on the test server, it is transferred to the final server and tested again. If a URL transfer is required, it occurs at this point.

Congratulations! Your web site is launched!

Our Designers put all their creativity, all their experience in commercial design, and all their care of the client’s goals to determine and develop the most effective visual image for our client’s business.

Now, if you like the way we work, and would like to contact us for your projects, please click here to contact us.

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