Social Media Marketing

At AceGenesis, we believe in performance based Social Media Marketing services for your business.

Get Social Now – reap the benefits.

We plan and execute highly creative, results-driven campaigns on the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.

We get optimum results from social media campaigns and update services because they are carefully crafted as per your branding requirements.

Get your brand loved, not just liked 🙂

The social galaxy is the place where companies and businesses connect with clients, build brand attention, and turn the social-talk into social-sales.

Social Media Marketing IndiaWith so much of a talk about social media marketing these days, one tends to have so many questions about it.

What is social media marketing after all?

Simply put, Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining attention, traffic, leads and business using the network of social media websites.  It helps brands build reputation and gain mileage in a socially competitive world today.

Social media marketing also helps any business (or individual) to attain brand recognition and brand acceptability among the users of online social media websites. The social media is one of the strongest and the most popular media today with billions of eyeballs glued to websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more such websites. When a company starts marketing on the social media, it has a fair chance to grab these eyeballs and get required attention and recognition.

What does AceGenesis offer?

At AceGenesis, we build a relevant social media strategy for you, and help you implement it, in order to engage with your existing and future clientele on the social landscape. We suggest innovative ways to use social media to your advantage.

We also offer you comprehensive social media marketing and management services.  We would build, grow and manage your social media presence, and engage users to build brand value, attention and grow business.

This would be done with an effective planning and implementation of presence and campaigns on social media websites, and by advertising on these sites, if required.

But, Can’t I just do it on my own? I know all these sites and I too am glued to ‘em all.

This is one of the most frequent questions we are asked by so many people everyday. The answer to it is not as simple as the question itself.

It’s not easy to explain why posting things and maybe adding some adverts on the social media cannot make you a social media marketer. If it were so, everyone would be already doing it successfully.  The fact is that social media marketing requires much more planning, commissioning, managing and content creation that just posting. Just posting your product details, service details, some nice quotes would not get the required results. It needs much more.

It doesn’t take much to get going on Facebook or Twitter, but it takes quite a bit of proficiency and committed effort to produce outstanding return on investment. Our blend of marketing knowledge, trailblazing skill, and deep understanding of social mediums create social media marketing campaigns that produce substantial results.

So, How do I get started?

Let us help you gain a competitive edge for your business and your products, using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

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