Facebook Advertising

Social media advertising

Almost a billion users are hooked to the social media today. The exchange views and information is the most active manner. People spend hours on social media and your business cannot afford not being there.

Social media networks influence the users multifold. And the advertising on social media platforms like Facebook bring to you a double edged sword to cut though the competition. Your adverts are not only viewed by your targeting chosen audience, but also, by their social peers.

 AceGenesis helps you to build your social presence, and advertise you on the social platforms. Facebook advertising is one of the most used method of social media advertising.

We can skyrocket your FB engagement figures.

How? This is what we do – 

  • Plan and execute successful social media campaigns
  • Budget, plan and create Facebook advertisements
  • Analyze the insights and statistics for the reach of your advertisements.
  • Do multi-version tests for your advertisements

The targets would be to increase your reach, network and engagement in order to boost your brand in the social media.

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