Brief History

AceGenesis – The What. How, Why and Where…

Shakespeare asked – What is in a name?

I answered – The thought, the dream and overall – an identity that sets you apart from the crowd.


In the winter of year 1999, a few weeks before Christmas, our minds were working on a name that would become our brand, as well as our corporate identity. Experts from all walks of creative business had joined hands to support a new company. In an era of Information Technology boom, when people were trying to get generic names as company names, each one of the experts had their own ideas and suggestions. India had its share of generic names. Dozens of companies were called by similar sounding names like ‘Web Design India Company’, or ‘Web Designers India‘ or even ‘Web Design India Firm‘, ‘Online Marketing Company’, ‘SEO Experts’, and so on..Every second Company name was getting too keyword centric. Web Design companies were mushrooming everywhere, and our basic ideas was to create a brand that can stand up in coming years as a lighthouse of techno-creative solutions.

It had to mark the birth of a dream, a dream to be the finest- which gave birth to an Ace entity in the creative field of web and content development.

The name AceGenesis, came from the idea – Birth of the Ace. The Ace of  Web Services to the business community.

AceGenesis had a very humble start from a typical SOHO setup, when one part of the house of its founder, was converted into the studio. Wooden partitions were setup to mark our office area and studio area, and a team of designers and developers started producing world class web sites and web solutions. Initially, major works came because of the popularity of founder –Ashish Sehgal, in the technical circles.

As the business grew, AceGenesis required more space to expand. Soon, they shifted into a studio –a new floor build for the office and soon started looking for a more suitable space for further expansion. Today after 7 years of its inception, AceGenesis has its office and web studio in Mangalam Place, Rohini, which is a highly growing commercial location in New Delhi, the capital of India.

In this journey, AceGenesis has been able to carve a niche for itself as a dependable web solutions Company from India. Business owners and individuals from all over the globe contacted us to build web sites and solutions for them, and most of them come from our references, our clients, whom we have worked for. We have been able to successfully build great relationships with most of our clients as that is the foundation of our success- people, and we would like to maintain it the same way always with our service and our smile while we serve.

Today, when we have designed and developed more than a thousand web sites , our extensive portfolio ranges from start up companies in Asian countries to billion-dollar corporate firmsin America, from creative studios to heavy engineering companies, from traditional theaters in NY to investment firms in Austria, from celebrities to NGO’s, we have done it all. Our technical expertise has helped companies to manage complex data functions, in their worldwide offices, in real time. So, our technical team always says – If you have a technical challenge, its time to talk and find a solution that suits the problem.

Guess we have said enough about us, and now, we would request you to have a look at our range of services, or our brief portfolio of works. Or simply fill the quick quote request form below and let us know how we can help you. We would be glad to welcome you to our family of clients.

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