Social Media Strategy

What is your Social Media Strategy?

Every social media marketing campaign requires a strategy. But it has been observed that most firms do not touch the strategy part. They use a pre-defined set of plans for all clients. This causes results to be slow. AceGenesis firmly believed that each client we work with has unique market targets which he needs to achieve. Therefore each client requires a separate strategy to active his social media marketing goals.

SImply posting on social media does not suffice. Simply posting is merely the first and basic activity which only helps to build presence. This approach lacks a properly developed and defined social media marketing strategy.  The results shall very very slow, and there can be times when you feel that your social media campaigns are not bringing results.

What is the solution?

It is important that you must define the goals that the are required as a part of social media campaigns that we plan of your brand and company.  We, at AceGenesis, go deep and build a social media strategy that conveys your social media goals into results. We do this by researching on your customers, what they prefer in their lives. We  study the user groups and find out common factors and make it a part of our social media campaign. This, further translates into a better rapport with your customer base, further enhancing the relationship with them.

Here is the huge value you get

  • Personal Attention & Consultation
  • Social Media Strategy plan built specially for your company
  • Competition analysis
  • Guidance in defining social media brand and image
  • Social Media Marketing Calendar built for your campaign.
  • Guidance in writing content and messages for social media.
  • Content Creational ( optional)
  • Social Media Integration in your current websites
  • Building a blogging strategy
  • Consultancy in Facebook Advertising by experts
  • Holding social media contests
  • An overall campaign building system
  • A team that can optionally manage complete social media campaign.
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