Lead Generation (CPL)

CPL based Social Media Campaigns

With an extensive growth so social media today, the relevance of CPL based social media campaigns has increased manifold.

What is a CPL based campaign?

CPL (Cost-Per-Lead) is a method where the customer pays only for a generated lead. This way, he cuts down the clutter and gets maximum efficacy from a well-targeted campaign.

AceGenesis provides both accountability and engagement in the CLP campaigns in the social space. This debunks the myth that social media results cannot be measured. We have definitive target based social media programs, innovatively designed by our experts, that work wonders with your CPL campaigns.

What exactly is a lead, in social media campaigns?

We have often come across this question in our discussions. What exactly constitutes of a lead online?  Is it an enquiry? Or is it an order? Or is it a click?

Well, we define a lead intent of interest that we generate with our social media campaigns. This intent of interest can be in form of comment, a like, an enquiry, a feedback, a subscriber or a follower. These are various forms of leads with varying form of validation.

 Our experts discuss with you the level of validation you require in your CPL campaigns, and build a plan accordingly.

Talk to us now and know how targeted your CPL campaigns can be.

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