Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing DelhiEmail marketing is one of the most important tools in the arsenal of online marketing. Be it in the form of periodic newsletters, promotional mailers, email invites and even notification mails, intelligently planned email marketing plays an important role in each communication that is transmitted.

The email marketing campaigns are ethically planned, and are executed using world class email services. The email campaigns are in sync with your social media marketing and search engine marketing campaigns. Together, they create an impact that engages the user community and get attached to your brand.

Some of the important email marketing services that we offer are:

Direct Email Marketing Campaigns

Direct email marketing is one of the most popular forms and is often used to introduce your company, brand, product or service to the end user.  It is useful for a launch, or a reminder to your clients or prospective clients.

 Periodic Newsletter Campaigns

Periodic newsletters are the best way to keep your clients and prospects engaged with your brand and company.  They usually contain information that interests the users and also talks about the company offerings.

Email Surveys, Feedback & Response Collection

Email surveys are used to get a general group response to a concept that your company may like to launch. Feedbacks and response services get feedback from the clients who have used your product s or services and what they feel about it. This is very useful to build a set of testimonials, as well to understand how the market is responding to your offerings.

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