Our Team

Internet Marketing Experts Team

To launch a company like AceGenesis , it is critical to have an excellent team of professionals. AceGenesis has been fortunate to reunite key management who have started and run successful companies, and are very knowledgeable about the Internet and its applications.

AceGenesis Technologies has been founded by Ashish Sehgal, who holds an experience of 25 Years in the world of technology and internet. We is an ardent internet marketer, and  efficiently uses NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) in the campaigns build at AceGenesis. He is one of the very few NLP practitioners who expertise in Marketing Practices using NLP, all around the world.

The Internet Marketing Wizards

Internet marketing is a complex process that could only be resolved by very knowledgeable online marketers, web design and development “wizards” and at a cost that was prohibitive to most small businesses. Ways to help these small businesses with big ideas have a simple, immediate and inexpensive professional web presence was greatly needed, which our team excels into.

AceGenesis is proud to have a task force that will lead the organization and its clients to a bright net future.

The core team of AceGenesis Technologies has experts from Marketing, Design, Programming and Management fields. Together, we create the solutions for your organizations.

We are happy to have the most creative, talented and professional people working with us.

AceGenesis is committed to attracting and developing the highest caliber of talented professionals in order to provide them with interesting and challenging assignments that fulfill their specific needs and desires.

Our team includes:

  • Online Marketing Wizards
  • Social Media Experts
  • Creative Design Experts
  • Digital Artists
  • Programmer/Analysts
  • Software Engineers
  • Database Developers & Administrators
  • Graphics & Flash Experts
  • Web & Applications Developers
  • Media ( Audio & Video ) Experts
  • Copywriters

If you would like to join our team, click here for present positions available in our company.

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